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The New York Times

The New Yorker

The New Yorker

First Family of Memes

Woke Bodega

Bob and Weave


Sweetgreen Has a Damage Control Plan for its New Salads

He Said, She Said

The Dresser

The Apple Store of Doctors' Offices?


Origin Stories

The Forever 21 Heirs Attempt to Cash in on the Korean Skin-Care Craze


Yes List


Lessons in Bossdom at the Premiere of 'The Defiant Ones'

How to Travel Like a Millionaire? Ask the Points Guy

Off the Mat

Dr. Gwyneth Will See You

The Life of an Instagram Poet


Getting It Out


Trading vs. Trump



Los Angeles Tries to Prove That It Doesn't Necessarily Need the Car

Abe Sent Me

Black Carpet

The New York Times, Fashion & Style

A Blue Alternative to a Trump Hotel

Is This the Suitcase of the Summer?

Flying First Class

What to Wear to the Met Gala? Maybe Falguni Shane Peacock

John Legend Plunges Into the Celebrity Rosé Business

Every Drink Has Its Day

Work Spaces, for Women Only

Inside the First Teen Vogue Summit

Noted: And Now, the Daddymoon

No Sewing Required

Saving Uber

In His Backyard, His Holy Land

His Light Meter Points Towards the Sun

Just 2 Guys, Selling Wine

Breathe Deeply and Sweat the Details

The Rhinestone Strategy

The Stuff of Broken Dreams

Where Coachella Is a Playground and Muse

America’s Next Top Model? 

For Her, Wheaties Can Wait

Parting the Velvet Ropes at Sundance, for a Price

Twilight of a Celebrity Magnet

Let There Be Neon Light

Dressing Hollywood’s Leading Men

The Trainer to Men of Style

Greeting Cards Stocked With Spice

There Was Nothing to Lose

Taking Her Fight Outside the Octagon 

Music and Modeling: a Parisian Muse

Recalling the ‘90s, With Some Prompting

HBO’s Red Hot Emmys Party

For Brides, the Crop Top Brings Its Own Challenges

A Celebrity Ghostwriter Flips the Script

Mr. Saturday Night

Consigned to a Life of Luxury

Come for Coachella but Party at #nochella 

Brothers and Barkeepers

Rise and Shine … and Start Dancing

The Red Carpet, Fashion’s 5th City

Filtered Photos, No Emojis Allowed

Partying After the Grammys

Fresh With Influence 

Adrian Grenier Pitches Whale Movie With Sundance Party

The Spectacle After the Globes

Winning Girls Over, Piece by Piece

A ‘Doctor’ With Needle and Ink

Defined by a Slanting Piece of Punctuation 

Where Even the Long-Legged and Lithe Sweat It Out

Against the Tide in a Stylish Manner

Torturer to the Stars

At First Blush 

For a Well-Played Hand, Far From P.C.

On the Nice Internet, Caring is Sharing

Turning ‘Likes’ Into a Career 

New Wave of Male Entrepreneurs Changing Fashion Scene

Planners Adapt as Gay Unions Become More Common

Like Mall Browsing, With a Click

Coachella Flaunts Its Masculinity 

Network? Let’s Party! 

A Stylist for Whom ‘Nice’ Is Not an Insult

The Move From Celebrity to Ubiquity

Bunking With the Stars at Sundance 

They Want Her on Their Side

At a Bay Area Club, Exclusivity Is Tested

For Millennials, a Generational Divide

No Tie-Dye Required; Bay Area Millennials Are Flocking to Communes 

A Millennial D.I.Y.-er With the Digitized Touch

A Bachelorette’s Night (or Four) to Remember

Online Happy Hours, From Corner Bar to Corner Office

Sydney Reising: An Advanced Degree in Velvet Rope

It’s Lunchtime. Let’s Dance

Sun, Sand, and Suds 

Riding Away From a Bar Crawl With Citi Bikes 

Attaboy in the Lower East Side

Eastwood, a Homey Bar in the Lower East Side

Rockaways Rising

The Kumbaya Connection for Grown-Ups 

The New York Times, Sunday Business

A Working Woman's Weapon

Building 'Authentic' From the Ground Up

Dancing With the Start-Ups

The New York Times, Travel

A Bridal Adventure

5 Places to Shop in Melbourne

Check In: Ocean Views and Artful Cuisine

Lake Como for a New Generation of Cool Kids

Surfacing: Ojai

Uncorking Bouquets for Millennials

New Recruits for Cruises: Millennials Who Like a Late Night

Home (Asian) Cooking

In Rome, an Enclave of Cool


Vespertine: a Restaurant Out of the 31st Century

A Grunge-Era Roadie Tweaks Typefaces

Design, Bitches Fuses Architecture, Art, and Pop Culture

Kiln Time at Anderson Ranch

Loving Las Vegas

Kanye's Grunge-Era Collaborator 

Finding Pleasure in Pain (on the Dance Floor)

Soul Sister

Nilou Motamed Takes a Stroll Through Carroll Gardens

Donald Robertson’s Story


How This Founder Unlocked Her Creativity by Hanging Upside Down

Why Athletes and Hungover 20-Somethings Swear by This Product

How This Entrepreneur Unwinds by Practicing a 15th Century Sport

True & Co. Founder Michelle Lam on What She Desires and Requires

How This $5 Million Home Cleaning Startup Is Sweeping the Competition

He Sold His Business for $2 Billion. Now He's an Uber Driver. Huh?

Why You Should Buy a Boat, Not a Plane

For $325, You Can Make Traveling a Zillion Times Better

How You Make $8.5 Million as a Popcorn Company

This CEO's Idea of Relaxation? 80 Miles on a Bicycle

How 100-Year-Old Radio Flyer Is Making $100 Million Again

3 Things That Keep This Beauty Entrepreneur Inspired

The Surprising Way This Founder Cuts Down on Stress

Why This Entrepreneur Went All-In on Vintage Style

How Surfing Helps This Founder Get Inspired Every Morning

How Two Brothers Cooked up a $4 Million Bacon Business

8 Apps That Will Revolutionize How You Work From Home

The Dark, Cold Place Where This Founder Finds Peace

Why This Founder Is Also a Skydiver

How This Inc. 500 Founder Gets Away From It All

How This Founder Won (Courtney) Love From Behind the Drum Kit

Why Customers (and Celebrities) Love This Company

To Calm Her Nerves, This Founder Takes to the Trapeze

This Company Boosts Growth by Treating Its Employees Like Royalty

How This Company Sells Tableware to Feed the Hungry

Why This Daredevil Entrepreneur Races Cars to Relax

The Founder of This $40 Million Company Just Wants to Dance

Up in the Air With Ben Huh of Cheezburger

This Entrepreneur Is Making His Own Waves


Star Studded Software

Private Aisle

This Startup Wants to Disrupt DeBeers

Future of Work: Communications

Testing a Wearable Tech System Favored by NFL Hopefuls

Tech’s Hot New Trend: Networking at 35,000 Feet

Want a Free Stay at a Luxury Hotel? Build Up Your Instagram Following

The Dark Side of Plus-Size Modeling Targeted in Documentary

The $10,000 Per Night Suite for Silicon Valley Elite

The Accessories Brand That’s Courting Hillary, Not Beyonce

How a Luxe Fashion Brand Is Elevating Artisans

I Work at Sony Pictures. This Is What It Was Like After We Got Hacked.

How One Fitness Entrepreneur Raised $14 Million

Rendezvous: Lingerie Shopping With … Michelle Lam

Rendezvous: Taking Tea With … Anjula Acharia-Bath

Rendezvous: Shopping With … Bridget Dolan

The Tech That Keeps Fashion Week Ticking 

‘See you at the 4 o'clock standup in Darth Jager' 

Papa’s Got a Brand New ‘Tag

Bloomberg Businessweek

Cruel Runnings

The High-End Workouts Women Are Signing Up for to Become the Boss

L.A.'s New Hype King Has Cracked How Millennials Spend

Selling Sheets Without Mentioning Thread Counts

How Wolfgang Puck Got Back Into the Restaurant Game

The Celebrity Tech-splainer of Beverly Hills

The Pinterest Version of Suburbia Grows Outside Atlanta

Beef, Burrata, and Poutine: Indian Cuisine's New Wave

Hold the Spring Rolls

The Social-Impact Vacation Is Here 

Sundance’s VIP Gatekeeper Can Get You on the List

Fast Company

Inside the LA Mall That's Defying the Retail Apocalypse

Profiles for Glossier, Hypebeast, Clique Media, and Reward Style (2017 Most Innovative Companies)

How To Make Coachella Even Trippier: Augmented Reality Earbuds


The Luxe Way to Do Coachella

Googling Guests and Netflix Dinners: the World of Modern Butlers


Wellness Centers: Hip New Hangout Spots, Hold the Dreamcatchers

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